While we are witnessing some never before seen events unfolding in front of us, we are keeping ALL first responders and medical staffers in our thoughts and prayers. Junk Joeys, LLC is a local company with an interest in helping our region recover from quarantine.

While all of our demolition services have been temporarily suspended, we have been able to continue with dumpster rentals, curbside pick ups, garage clean outs and smaller less invasive jobs. Hoarding jobs have priority due to health issues, as well as our desire to make the living areas as safe as possible for the homeowners. If there is a concern about whether or not we are “allowed” to do the work, please feel free to give us a call. The Governors list of approved jobs or services would have our work listed under CODE 5621 and CODE 5629, which covers waste collection and remediation services.

Stay safe, and stay strong PITTSBURGH! We have seen so many changes in our region over the past 50 years. If any place is capable of powering through uncertainty, we can.