Junk Joey’s Sponsors Bethel Park Wrestling

As a Pittsburgh startup business, Junk Joeys prides itself on giving back to the local community. Recently, Junk Joeys supported a local sports team. Bethel Park Wrestling hands out program books each wrestling season, and offers local businesses an opportunity to donate to the team in exchange for an advertisement.

This year, Junk Joeys helped support the Junior High and Varsity Bethel Park Wrestling team by running a full-page back cover ad in the 2020 program. Check it out below!

As a junk removal company, Junk Joeys is founded on the principle of helping the community. Even when we’re not driving our blue dumpster trucks around helping our customers clean out their indoor space, we’re trying to give back to local Pittsburgh organizations all around the community.

How can we help more? Let us know how we can help you or an organization you support. Reach out to us today!