Junk Joeys has been bouncing around the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh for not only our clients, but for the good of the community.


Owner Todd Anderson, along with the help of two others, were recently loading branches into the Junk Joeys truck. A kindhearted neighbor generously offered up her driveway access for the Junk Joeys team while collecting the branches! She thought it was great that the company took such great interest in the community, and had the support of family and friends helping out as well. The 94 year old woman looked at the Junk Joey shirts the team was wearing, and said “You’re Junk Joey! I just saw your ad in my paper and I’m keeping it handy now that I met you.” That’s the power of the Junk Joeys brand!


Additionally, the Junk Joeys team also recently dedicated their time to clean up the Mt. Lebanon Baseball Club facility. There was an illegal dump at the facility, so our team took the liberty to take care of the waste!



With all of these recent events happening in just a week’s time of having the Junk Joeys website up and running, it’s exciting to see how much of an impact we have already made in our community in such a short time. Keep your eyes open for our big blue dumpster truck bouncing around your neighborhood!