The Junk Joeys staff is very knowledgeable. We know how important it is to recover or restore the use of your most valuable assets. From retail closeouts, to wholesale or warehouse clean outs, as well as manufacturing and production, we help to recover valuable real estate for new tenants or repurpose.


Junk Joeys can assess any situation from 500 square feet to 3 acres under roof. We help with affordable junk-out, haul-out, clean-up, mechanical demolition, junk equipment removal, removal of old shipping containers and dealing with old or obsolete products. One of the biggest problems facing business today is the transition between old philosophy (i.e. Sears) where a store should hold everything in stock, versus the new philosophy of order it and it will ship to your house in a matter of a few business days. The value of the unused space or improperly used space is astounding. We have helped with bank-owned properties, real estate developers, business owners, and individuals recover millions of dollars of “Their Own Money” with the work we have done. If you own a business, a property, or have a lease on a space and are looking to maximize your gains, talk to Junk Joeys about how money spent with our services can help your financial bottom line. Instead of drowning in your junk, let us Grab Your Junk and Bounce.

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